Paris or Germany? Which would make for the ideal vacation?

I’m usually a sit on the beach and bring me an umbrella drink kind of girl, but this year my husband and I have discussed going to either Paris, TO DRINK WINE…the ultra-cosmopolitan mecca of art, culture, fashion, history and architecture. The city of love, capital of fashion and world-renowned wines. Paris seems to not only be brimming with famous attractions but is an energetic city where beauty shines.

Or Germany, because of our beer devotion in particular, we would visit Munich to be a part of their beer festival where the atmosphere comes alive with tents and tents of beer sampling set-up cheerfully to their extreme. Germany brims with opportunities to partake in outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, wind surfing, mountain climbing and BEER DRINKING.

Back to the questions…Paris or Germany…basically, wine or beer?

Have them both and win your trip to either Paris or Germany from Unforgettable Vacations at this year’s Grapes and Grain Festival, June 7th at Trump Taj Mahal!

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