Who doesn't love to spend a day getting lost in Smithville? I always say that time seems to stop when visiting Historic Smithville Village.

For those unfamiliar with the adorable little shopping spot in Galloway, you're definitely missing out! It's a charming and picturesque destination known for its colonial-era buildings, quaint shops, and scenic surroundings. What they're really known for in the area is their festivals.

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Throughout the year, Historic Smithville Village hosts various events and festivals that attract locals and tourists alike. These events may include craft fairs, car shows, holiday celebrations, live music performances, and more.

Photo by Igor Omilaev on Unsplash
Photo by Igor Omilaev on Unsplash

Smithville's Oktoberfest is one of their biggest events of the year. Hundreds of people flock to the village to enjoy the fall atmosphere and check out all the homemade knickknacks, doodads, and baked goods being sold by local vendors.

South Jersey mom-to-be searching for specific vendor from Smithville's 2023 Oktoberfest

That includes one local mommy-to-be who is on the hunt for the vendor that sold her mom, the grandmother-to-be, a beautiful birth announcement board. She can't figure out the name of the vendor nor who ran it.


Here's what we know:

1.) The vendor we're trying to track down was set up on the Costello's/Colonial Inn side of the village.

2.) The back of this vendor's tent was facing Moss Mill Road, with the front of tent facing the village.

3.) This specific vendor was only a few spaces away from vendor #114 pictured below:

contributor wishes to remain anonymous
contributor wishes to remain anonymous

4.) The vendor this mommy-to-be is looking for sold wooden, onesie-shaped birth announcement boards

The mommy-to-be is desperately trying to track this person down. The gift her mom bought for the baby was so sentimental. If you have ANY idea which vendor from Smithville's 2023 Oktoberfest might have sold this, please reach out to jahna@catcountry1073.com.

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