Corn maze season is upon us. This is the best time to get lost in a South Jersey corn maze, if you wait until the end of the season the corn will be dying off and you can see right through it. A local corn maze is celebrating the Super Bowl champs with a maze dedicated to the Eagles.

Sahl's Father Son Farm in Galloway is honoring the Eagles this fall season with a Philly Special themed corn maze. I will never not be amazed at what they can do with corn mazes. (Quickly goes on YouTube to watch how a corn maze is made). Take a look at the awesome maze, but don't study it. You want to go in fresh so you can get lost a few times, that's what makes corn mazes so fun.


The maze features a depiction of Nick Foles catching the ball, a football with the play drawn inside, and text writing out "Philly Special."

The corn maze opens on Saturday, September 22nd and runs until October 27th. The maze will be open Saturdays from 10am-7pm in September. In October the maze will be open Thursdays and Fridays 4pm-7pm and Saturdays from 10am-7pm.

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