It's definitely not a sight you see everyday, but everyone's cracking up at it.

The speculation is flying (no pun intended) now that a Facebook video featuring two airborne sea gulls has received so much attention. You may be asking yourself what the big deal is about two sea gulls flying. That's the thing, though. Only one of them is.

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A video is breaking the internet right now that shows two sea gulls basically air-surfing. It looks as if one sea gull is assisting the other. Perhaps, one of the birds has a broken wing or other inflicted area. Still, since there's no way to tell, it's still one the coolest things you'll ever see sea gulls do. Seriously, when's the last time you witnessed a sea gull riding another sea gull's back? Probably never.

This video just may make you forget how much you hate them when they're trying to steal your lunch right out of your hand while you're lounging on the sand.

Why exactly are people losing their minds over this specific sea gull video? Think of a rocket launch. That's exactly what these sea gulls are reminding people of at the start. You know what rockets look like while they're still on the launchpad? Imagine the rocket launching and then the boosters falling off. That's exactly what comes to mind for a lot of people when they watch this video.

Eventually, the gull that's riding on the other's back spreads its wings as well, almost as if it's trying to help with getting both of them from point a to point b. At that point, it looks like the one gull is surfing the air on top of the other's back.

Take a look:

The comments are probably the best part of the whole video. Reading what people have to say about what they just witnessed makes the video even more funny.

Truth is, though, you'll probably never see anything like that again. Cool, right?

Source: Facebook

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