Do you believe in destiny? Or, maybe phrased like this: that everything happens for a reason?

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After this video went viral on social media, it's honestly hard to question it. A video was shared to Facebook that now has an insane amount of views showcasing the journey of one couple that lead them from a non-pet household to a party of three.

Imagine you and your significant other are out on a lovely sundown stroll. You come across a little cat. Doesn't seem too crazy of an idea, right? In fact, it might've even happened to you before. This is where the story gets interesting...

The tan and white cat starts following the couple. At first, it was hesitant. The cat wasn't exactly on their heels, but it was still following pretty close for a stray. That's when the man wanted to make their walk home a bit more interesting. He told his girl that if the cat followed them all the way home and into their apartment, they could keep it.

As the video continues, you can see the woman making sure the cat's attention stays focused on her. Aside from a few random noises that pull the cat's gaze, it really does remain pretty fixed on them. Believe it or not, towards the end of their walk, the cat's pace quickens in what looks like an effort not to lose the couple.

Once the pair reaches the parking lot, the cat backs off for a second, but sure enough, walks right into their apartment building. Honestly, it's nothing like you've ever seen.


Source: Facebook



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