Imagine this: you decide to spend the weekend paddleboarding on the waters of Wildwood or Ocean City, so you head out fantasizing about a nice and relaxing day on your SUP. Once you're out there, you're greeted by a friend (or foe, depending on how you look at it) that you NEVER expected to make your acquaintance. How about in the form of a HUGE whale?

Who's your money on? Are you choosing the recreational SUPer (abbrv.) from South Jersey, or are you betting on the whale to win that match?

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A new viral video is currently making the rounds on social media featuring that exact scenario, except it didn't happen in South Jersey. WATCH:

What an experience, right?

Kudos to both boarders for maintaining the ability to keep that calm during an encounter like that. How many people can say they got to "play" with a whale?? The likely answer to that question is not many. Luckily for them, they were able to capture it all on video. What are the odds that anyone would've believe that they got to experience not one, but TWO of the world's most epic sea creatures up close and personal like that?

That moment has got to have earned a spot in both of their lists of top three life experiences. Seriously though, if that happened here in South Jersey, do you think you'd be able to keep as calm as these two paddleboarders? Probably hard to say outside of the situation. You'd certainly hope so to experience something like that!


Obviously, nobody's owning a whale in NJ. Here's 12 more animals it's illegal to own in the Garden State:

While the thought of having a pet monkey or big cat sounds like you'd be living your best life, if you live in New Jersey, you might want to think again.

On the flip slide, here are 12 animals that ARE legal to own in NJ:

Who woulda thought?

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