This whole social isolation thing makes one feel, well, a little stir crazy. That's to say the least.

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Your ordinary hobbies are either getting super boring due to constant repetition over the last few days or weeks or they're null and void because they involve big groups of people. So, you're wandering around your house with nothing to do, you open up the refrigerator, and what happens?

Normally, you'd just grab a snack and shut the door until boredom made you turn to food yet again. But now, even snacking has become mundane for you. So, you start to experiment. If you haven't yet, you're probably close to that point.

So, we decided to ask you what has been the weirdest food combination you've tried while being stuck in quarantine.

We asked, and got some pretty crazy answers:


  • Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches
  • Banana and Mayo Sandwiches
  • Marshmallows in A1 Steaksauce
  • Spam, Sardines, and Mayo
  • Baked Beans in Mac-N-Cheese


These are only a few. Check out the answers Joe Kelly got on his Facebook page:

Make sure you add your answers to our Facebook post below:


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