Construction has started at Pinelands Regional High School causing the school to close until it has been completed.

Starting Tuesday students will be going to the junior high school for the remainder of the construction. Junior high students will do their school work at home online for Tuesday. Today, high school students are home completing their work online.

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The plans in the future will be to use a split-schedule which is currently being finalized.

This split-schedule will begin on Wednesday.

They will be having 4 classes a day running one hour each. The high school students will be in the morning, while the junior high students will be in the afternoon. Exact times are still being discussed to accommodate transportation services.

Ninth graders will be going to school with the junior high school students and will be given a new bus pass.

Breakfast and lunch will be optional for students.

Older students that currently drive to school will be able to drive to the junior high and park.

As of Friday the lockers in the high school had yet to be cleared out. Students' belongings will be taken out and they will be able to collect them.

Questions were asked about high school sports and activities that usually take place after school and if transportation will be available to get the kids back to school in the afternoon.

As of Friday these questions had not been answered.

Over 200 people including parents, students, and staff attended a meeting Friday night at the junior high school to get information and ask questions about the new school set up.

The decision to bring the high school students over to the junior high school was made this past Friday by Cheryl Stevenson, the acting Superintendent.

Safety of students and staff were a major concern and the reason behind this decision.

For the past two weeks Pinelands was closed for part of both weeks because of asbestos that was detected.

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