Sometimes, you hear something so heartbreaking that you can't help but get emotional. This next story made me physically ill to my stomach.

If you're a pet owner and you're anything at all like me, you're OBSESSED with your fur babies. Make fun of me all you want to, but my dogs are like my kids. Who knows if I'm even capable of having children of my own, so my pups may be all I ever get in this life.


Your pets are members of the family. When they hurt, you hurt. You can't help it, really. How could you? When you think about something only capable of love in any type of distress, it's enough to make your heart completely shatter into a million pieces.

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That's what so many here in the Garden State and beyond are currently feeling for one particular family from Morristown, NJ.

They lost their precious fur baby named Meep. Apparently, Meep isn't the biggest fan of fireworks. She got spooked by them on New Year's Eve and reportedly ran away. Sure, some dogs manage to make it back home, but Meep is a special case.


According to multiple reports, Meep is a 1-year-old Boston Terrier with special needs. She was rescued from a puppy mill with the owners knowing good and well that she would require special care. It didn't matter to them, though. It was love at first sight. They knew she was meant to be with them.


She's been gone ever since New Year's Eve. With all of her health problems, her time is running out. She currently depends on her nebulizer to ensure she's getting enough oxygen. She gets at least one treatment per day.

She's also awaiting a surgery to help with another health problem. She takes daily medication for that and has been without it for quite some time now.


Meep's time could be running out.

That's why her family is offering a $6,000 reward for her safe return. Take a look:

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