🐱 Pets go missing every single day.

🐱 It's not a rarity to see stray cats wandering the streets of South Jersey.

🐱 One cat, in particular, has Somers Point residents wondering, though.


It's always a tragedy when your pet runs away. Whether you left the gate open or you have a cat that enjoys going outside, it's always devastating when they don't make their way home.

Of course, when it comes to cats here in South Jersey, it's no secret that Atlantic County has A TON of strays. It's heartbreaking, to be honest. There aren't enough homes for all of them!

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That's where there seems to be a growing movement to trap and spay/neuter cats in the area so the population doesn't keep growing like it's seemed to in the last 5 years or so.

There is, however, one cat that's recently been found in Somers Point that has people scratching their heads. It's a beautiful all-black female that was found on the corner of Johnson Avenue and the bike path. According to the kind soul who shared this gal's story to Facebook, she was desperately looking for food.


The Somers Point resident found the cat AGAIN a week later on the corner of Bethel Road and Groveland Avenue. This time, he says he didn't have the heart to leave her out in the cold.

The kitty does NOT have a microchip, so that explains why the person who found her is using social media to see if there's an owner that can be tracked out.

The cat is safe with a foster family until it can be determined whether or not she belongs to someone. Take a look at the post below:

Source: Facebook

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