Alexa Callens is a student at Stockton University's MSW (Masters of Social Work) program in Galloway Township, and is doing everything her power to encourage fellow students to take a stand for their safety.

She has created a petition that she has asked her classmates and more to sign after safety surrounding the Carnegie Center in Atlantic City became compromised.

To the students, safety precautions seem to not exist as they've experienced multiple car break in/ thefts, drug exchanges in the parking lots that students use, crimes within short distance from the building--thus making it frightening for student to leave the building.

Alexa even says that some students are so afraid to leave that they ask security officers walk them too/from class. The parking attendant who is supposed to be watching over the lots apparently hasn't abided by his position in a while.

While the off-campus MSW students have obtained some amenities to help them get through classes that a college student would usually have, they still feel that they are at an unfair disadvantage compared to the other students located on main campus who have safer surroundings.

These masters students, who pay the same tuition and fees as other students, feel as though that they should have the luxury of attending classes at the main campus in Galloway in order feel safe.

Although safety concerns are everywhere, the off-campus students feel that the the crime rate in Atlantic City is at an all time high in comparison to that of the Galloway Township campus.

At no point should students have to not feel safe while just trying to continue education! In which case, if you're looking to help them out, please sign the petition here!

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