When it comes to subs (and we're calling them subs here, not hoagies, or grinders), the Italian Sub stands on the top of the mountain.

The Italian Sub is the tried-and-true most popular sub in America.

White House Subs in Atlantic City
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This Atlantic City made Italian Sub among the best in the USA

The folks at Chowhound put together a list of "The Hands-Down Best Italian Subs In The US", and our friends at White House Subs in Atlantic City are on the list with their great subs!

For generations, locals and visitors alike have flocked to White House Subs for their great-tasting sandwiches. It's almost a tradition that famous entertainers get a White House sub when they visit and perform in Atlantic City.

Chowhound points out that White House is a national treasure, and the James Bead Foundation calls it "an American Classic."

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How was the list of best Italian Subs created?

Chowhound says they consulted reviews and best-of lists to put their list together.

You're probably thinking about a White House Italian Sub right now, aren't you? From fresh locally-made bread to the meats, cheeses, fresh tomatoes, spices,  and more.

Better pick up two!

White House Subs has two locations. The Arctic Avenue store is the original - open since 196. The second location is in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

SOURCE: Chowhound

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