The award-winning Stone Harbor Golf Club has been acquired by a national golf operator after 15 plus years of local ownership; Heritage Golf Group is now the owner and operator of 31 Golf Club across the United States along with four total Golf Clubs in the state of New Jersey.

Stone Harbor Golf Club, located on Route 9 South in Cape May Court House, is about a 10-minute drive from the island of Stone Harbor and one mile north of the Cape May County Zoo, which has the reputation as one of the best Private Golf Clubs in New Jersey.  They were named one of "America's 50 Toughest Golf Courses" by Golf Digest and the 40th Toughest Golf Course in American by

The golf course was originally developed by world-famous golf course designer Desmond Muirhead and when the course first opened in the late 1980s, Stone Harbor Golf Course was revered as one of the most difficult golf courses in New Jersey.  After 20 years of ownership by Crown Golf of Chicago, the golf club was acquired by Philadelphia Entrepreneurs Rich Masterson and Lee Fishman in February 2007.  After eight years of partnership, Fishman assumed sole ownership of the course in 2015.

Under Fishman's ownership, the course underwent renovations by Golf Course Architect Tyler Rae to upgrade the course in order to create expanded facilities and modernized amenities along with resign of green-side bunkers.  After 16 years of local ownership, Stone Harbor Golf Club is now owned by a national golf course operator.

Heritage Golf Club is the operator of 31 privately owned country clubs located in the Eastern, Central, and Mountain Time Zones.  The organization specializes in resort-style golf courses with high-end daily fees to maintain an upper tier of accommodations for members.  Heritage Golf Club is also well known for their partnership with Audubon Sanctuaries Program to protect natural wildlife areas and for using their golf course locations as buffers against the redevelopment of wildlife habitats in order to conserve natural resources.

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