This is strictly MY OPINION, but it also happens to align with the mandates put in place to protect all citizens from contracting the coronavirus.

Listen, I full understand how badly you want things to return to normal. Having the ability to freely live your life without fear of germs seems like a past life at this point. The days last forever as the weeks and months go by without seeing our friends and family members. What's even more annoying is the disruption of everyone's daily routines.

One part of our routine that we all miss terribly is getting our hair cut. There's not a person out there right now that resides in a state still hunkered down because of the pandemic that is completely satisfied with the state of their self-care routine. If you're not someone that tends to their physical appearance too much, then you're probably unbothered by the whole no-haircuts thing. For those of us, however, that try to take care of ourselves on a monthly basis to make sure we look presentable, we're struggling.

While it's great to take pride in your appearance, the quarantine has brought me back down to earth and made me realize, look, hair is just hair. Nails are just nails. Eyebrows... eh... now those I DESPERATELY wish I could have waxed, but until the salons open, I'm okay with having to tweeze every day. All of those services can wait. You don't have to look perfect all the time. Not that I've EVER looked perfect in my life (I don't particularly think I'm a 10 or anywhere even close), but right now is definitely not the time to be concerned about your outward appearance.

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I make that point to make this one: stop asking your hairdressers and barbers to cut your hair outside of the salon. I have many friends that are cosmetologists and barbers and, let me tell you something, they're not trying to lose their licenses all because YOU couldn't be patient and wait til they're given the green light that allows the salons to open. If a stylist or barber is caught cutting hair and breaking social distancing guidelines/practices right now, he or she could potentially lose their careers forever. However, if you have a stylist or barber in your immediate family, then a.) lucky you and b.) that's a totally different story.

Sliding into your stylist's DMs asking if they'll cut your hair isn't making it any easier on them. While some, I'm sure, have no problem cutting hair on the side, some really don't want to risk the loss of their license to make a few quick bucks. Not to say that you're even asking for the service out of selfishness or vanity; some people truly believe they're helping their stylists out by requesting their services since so many are without any income right now.

If you've reached out to your stylist or barber and they've been willing to do a service for you (socially distanced), then awesome. Congratulations to you. Those that are angry or bitter because your stylist won't touch your head until the governor reopens the salons, honestly, then find a new stylist. No stylist or barber should feel pressured into a potentially career-damaging exchange all because you can't handle the fact that you need a shape-up or your ends trimmed.

It's just hair. It can wait.


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