Even if it feels like more slowly than surely, businesses are opening back up in South Jersey.

Governor Murphy hasn't given the green light for everything to reopen just yet, but one business on the Wildwood boardwalk wants him to know that they're taking all the necessary steps to make sure they can open their doors as soon as he gives the word.

Nobody's been hit, economically-speaking, quite like the Jersey shore has as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. For most shore-based businesses, the majority of their bottom lines are met within the summer months. It is essential that they start generating some income sooner rather than later; these companies' survival depends on it.

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Ed's Funcade on the boardwalk posted pictures to Facebook featuring all of the precautions and new policies they're setting in place to ensure everyone maintains their health and safety once they get the 'ok' to reopen.

The comments show how impressed the public is with the measures Ed's Funcade is taking to ensure families will still have fun on their vacations this year without jeopardizing their well-being. Many kudos are being handed out to the owners and powers-that-be within the comments section.

Hopefully, Governor Murphy will give them the news they want to hear in regards to a definitive reopening date in the days or weeks to come.

Source: Facebook

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