It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving  is this Thursday. For me, when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, besides turkey, the more side dishes the better.

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I love cramming my plate with as many side dishes as I can. Zippia a career expert website, has put together a list of every state's favorite Thanksgiving side dish. The list using Google Trends is comprised of what each state searched for during November, 2019.

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According to the survey, stuffing is the favorite Thanksgiving side dish of the Garden State. I do love stuffing drenched in gravy for Thanksgiving. Stuffing is also the favorite side for Pennsylvania. My second favorite side dish is cranberry sauce.  Mashed potatoes are the favorite in 10 states, followed by mac and cheese in 7 states.

Thanks to COVID, Thanksgiving 2020 will have a different look and feel to it. hen it comes to Thanksgiving, Governor Murphy is stressing the importance of limiting Thanksgiving dinner to immediate family members and a very small gathering of relatives and friends according to Relative and friends traveling through airports could increase the chance of spreading the virus.

The Governor is also suggesting moving Thanksgiving dinner outside  around a fire pit or cranking up a patio heater if you have one.

The recommendations for this year's Turkey Dinner according to the CDC are:

  • Have a small dinner with only family that live in your household.
  • Prepare traditional recipes for family and friends and deliver them without contact. Especially those who are at a higher risk for COVID-19.
  • Have a virtual dinner and share recipes with family and friends.
  • Watch endless football, parades and holiday movies from home.

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