Everyone has been looking forward to this week. It's Thanksgiving week! A time to spend treasured moments with family and friends. Of course, the meal is the best part.

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Hosting the feast is HARD. It's not even the planning and prepping that's the worst part, but the pressure of making sure there are no accidents during the party is enough to keep you up from Monday through Thanksgiving eve with no sleep at all.

If you're hosting the Thanksgiving shindig this year, remember to cut yourself some slack. You have the biggest job of all - playing host or hostess. If something goes wrong, then tell your party guests to host the feast themselves next time.

With that being said, it never hurts to take extra precautions in an attempt to thwart any bad juju that may force its way into the evening.

According to a new survey by Omaha Steaks, these were voted the top 10 Thanksgiving fails that could happen during the party.

  • 1

    Not all of the cooking is done on time

    31% of people say that this would ruin their time.

  • 2

    Not all the food is done cooking at the same time

    29% of people say that if all the food's not hot, that's a recipe for a thumbs-down on the festivities.

  • 3

    Ran out of wine

    NEVER run out of wine! ....according to 28%.

  • 4

    Spilled a dish on the floor

    28% of people voted this. Shocked it's not more, though. Could you imagine if the entire turkey fell on the floor?

  • 5

    Forgot an essential ingredient in one dish

    28% of people say this would ruin their meal, though I highly doubt it would be that big of a deal.

  • 6

    One or more dish is cold by the time it's served

    Like number two, people want their food to be done at the same time and hot. Here's the problem with that: are you going to get mad when the turkey takes longer to cook than the cranberry sauce? Ya gotta get real here, people.

  • 7

    Ran out of a dish before everyone got some of it

    27% of people say that would be a downer to their night. Can't say it doesn't make sense. If I don't get any mashed potatoes, heads WILL roll.

  • 8

    Cooked something incorrectly

    27% of people voted this. There's levels to this one. For example, do I want salmonella from an undercooked turkey? That's going to be a 'no' from me. However, if there's a spice or similar ingredient accidentally left out of a side dish or something, there are many easy ways to remedy that.

    It's also important to remember that one person's recipe might not be the same as Grandma's sweet potato casserole you've grown accustomed to enjoying every year. That doesn't mean it's cooked incorrectly, it's just different. That's okay. Not everyone is going to like the same things; everyone's taste buds are different.

  • 9

    Forgot to take a food allergy into account

    As a host, it is important to identify any food allergies someone in attendance might have that way they're not stuck there without anything to eat. You as the host can be as accommodating as you choose, but at least warn those with food allergies to maybe bring a few of their own dishes.

  • 10

    Turkey is burnt

    Only 26% of people said the turkey being burnt was a Thanksgiving fail? You'd think it'd be more considering that's usually the centerfold of the meal. Interesting...

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