No one likes a dried out turkey. There's not enough gravy to help it.

What you need is a moist turkey. I can help with my one very simple tip.

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Let me preface my tip by saying I really prefer to deep-fry my turkey. A deep-fried turkey, if it doesn't cause a fire that burns your house down, is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I understand that giving your husband this much responsibility in close proximity with your home is a scary thing, so let's assume your not going that route.


How to cook a moist turkey

You decide to cook your turkey the old fashioned way - in the oven. My tip will help you whether you are cooking just a breast, or an entire bird.

Go ahead and prepare your bird how you normally do. Spice it up, brine it, stuff it - whatever you normally do, go ahead and do it.


How to keep your turkey moist

The tip: when you're ready to put the bird in the roasting pan - flip it. Turn it over. Put the breast-side down. I don't even use a rack - I just set it right on the bottom of the pan. Now, cook it as you usually do.

Granted, if you're going to display the bird on the table - and what it looks like means more than taste, you'll be dissatisfied. You're not going to get that golden color that comes from cooking and basting with the breast on top.

What you will get is the moistest turkey - especially the breast - that you've ever tasted. Your guests will ask you how you made such a moist bird. You can just tell them, with a little tip from the guy you get out of bed with in the morning.

Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to flip the bird!

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