If you're one of those people who've abandoned their fitness goals since about the 3rd day into the new year, then this batch of information you're about to be served isn't for you.

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However, if you're one of the few that haven't completely abandoned your 2020 beach body dreams yet, then keep reading.

One of the biggest weekends of the year for Americans to cheat on their diet (sans the holidays) is Super Bowl weekend. Why? Well, the party atmosphere is one reason. Really though, nothing goes together quite like junk food, beer, and football.

If you're making an attempt to hold true to your goals that weekend, then here's the food's you should expect to be present at every single party, according to a Farm Rich survey.


  • 1. Chicken wings                                          50%
  • 2. Pizza                                                         45%
  • 3. Chicken bites                                           38%
  • 4. Mozzarella sticks                                     33%
  • 5. Chips                                                        32%
  • 6. Loaded potato skins                                28%
  • 7. Cookies                                                    26%
  • 8. Hot dogs                                                  26%

If you're on a journey towards washboard abs, Super Bowl weekend will most likely be a rough one for you. However, it doesn't have to be. Almost every single one of these foods can be modified into a healthier version of itself. Don't fry the chicken wings, bake them instead. Pizza... not the worst thing on the list. If you're obsessed with chicken bites (fingers or nuggets), make the grilled nuggets instead. In the case of the mozzarella stick, there's not really too much that can be done there. Chips - at least try to get baked chips. See what we're doing, here?

With a little creativity, you'll be able to have your Super Bowl and enjoy the snacks too.

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