Preventing the spread of coronavirus is priority one on everybody's list.

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While it's common sense to make sure you're washing your hands before you touch your face, after you sneeze, etc, that's certainly not enough to ensure germs aren't spreading around your home or office simply because you can't control other people's habits or behaviors.

So, yes, obviously, wash your hands, but also make sure you're thoroughly cleaning common surfaces where germs normally lurk.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recently released their list of the 14 best cleaning products to combat the spread of germs. In a statement released on their website, the EPA said that the virus can live on various surfaces for days.

"Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings."


The best way to make sure your surfaces are as clean as possible is by making sure you're using products that are proven to combat the germ strains found in COVID-19. Those are:

  • 1

    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

  • 2

    Clorox Disinfecting Spray

  • 3

    Clorox Multi-Surface Cleaner + Bleach

  • 4

    Klercide 70/30

  • 5

    Lonza Formulation

  • 6

    Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner

  • 7

    Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist

  • 8

    Lysol Heavy-Duty Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate

  • 9

    OxyCide Daily Disinfectant Cleaner

  • 10

    Peak Disinfectant Wipes

  • 11

    Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner, Disinfectant and Glass Cleaner

  • 12

    Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant Wipes

  • 13

    Sani-Cloth Prime Germicidal Disposable Wipe

  • 14

    Sani-Prime Germicidal Spray

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