Yes. This is in extremely bad taste. We admit that.

But, it was you who clicked through to check out the songs, right?

These aren't just songs from Americans, but some of the best comedy the world has to offer - well, a world of people suffering from a virus....

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These might not actually be safe for work, or for anywhere else, but, here you go!

1. The Coronavirus Song (ft. NerdCity)

2. My Corona | A "My Sharona" Viral Anthem

3. The Coronavirus Song

4. 'The Coronavirus Song' lyrics

5. The Corona virus song

6. Coro-na na na na na (coronavirus song) ft, rucka rucka Ali

7. Panic Pandemic (Coronavirus Song)

8. Coronavirus Funny Parody Song Come on Eileen - Covid 19 Virus


10.  CORONAVIRUS SONG  (EDITOR's NOTE: I can't understand what they are singing, but the video is fascinating!)

11. Corona virus Song

12. Coronavirus SONG (No toilet paper)

13. Wuhan Wuhan - Coronavirus song

14. Coronavirus By Morning (The Coronavirus Song)

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