Sometimes in life - and in business - you have to "step out of the box" to stand out.

Amanda Sweeney Jones has certainly done that.

The Tennessee realtor has  gone out on a limb, with a parody song/video of Walker Hayes' song, "AA."

She's posted the video on social media, hoping to at least get Hayes' attention, but we're not sure if she's been successful.

As far as Jones' singing goes, I hope she's real good at selling houses!

Check out here parody:

Let's hope Amanda didn't get her real estate knowledge the same place she got her music lessons:)

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Hey, again, sometimes you want to stand out, and Jones certainly does that.

In all seriousness, her video is cute and funny, and we hope she gets a few listings because of it.

(We're still trying to figure out who Mark Spain is....)

If you'd like to compare, here's the original version from Walker Hayes:

No word from Walker Hayes yet, if he's seen the video.

A for effort, Amanda Sweeney Jones! Make that an AA.

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