Eagles fans stand up! Get ready! The 2019 NFL schedules were just released!

The 16 game match up was announced Wednesday night and it looks like the Eagles have an easy road ahead of them.

They will not have to go up against a team that made the playoffs last season until October 20th, The Dallas Cowboys. They also  won't play a team with a winning record last season until Week 6 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Below is the full lineup of the Eagles 2019-2020 season

Week 1 - vs. Washington Redskins

Week 2 - at Atlanta Falcons

Week 3 - vs. Detroit Lions

Week 4 - at Green Bay Packers

Week 5 - vs. New York Jets

Week 6 - at Minnesota Vikings

Week 7 - at Dallas Cowboys

Week 8 - at Buffalo Bills

Week 9 - vs. Chicago Bears

Week 10 - BYE

Week 11 - vs. New England Patriots

Week 12 - vs. Seattle Seahawks

Week 13 - at Miami Dolphins

Week 14 - vs. New York Giants

Week 15 - at Washington Redskins

Week 16 - vs. Dallas Cowboys

Week 17 - at New York Giants

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