Beef burgers are a stable of summer back yard grilling across New Jersey for sure, but sometimes, you want to put down the spatula and let someone else make the burger and serve it to you

As Jodi and I make our way across New Jersey on the common sense tour, we've had some of the best food New Jersey small business/family restaurants have to offer. I'm happy to report there are some outstanding burgers to enjoy!

Our burger search began in Toms River with Burger 25. What a visit! Great family business, great food, great story.

Then we discovered Bakers American Bar & Grille on Route 33 in Monroe. This was a late-night stop on the way back from broadcasting the podcast in Red Bank last Election Day. I had the bar pizza (the best) and Jodi had the burger. It's now the only thing she orders when we stop by.

Then we made a third discovery on Route 206 in Somerville. This was the place that we had literally passed for ten years and finally stopped in, another great burger, service and while you're waiting for the burger try the shrimp cocktail, Some of the best shrimp in Jersey!

Sarah Jane's on Route 206
Sarah Jane's on Route 206

For me burgers are simple. No need to dress them up with more than cheese, maybe some grilled onions and a little ketchup. Or whole grain mustard. No need for tomatoes and lettuce, takes away from the taste of the meat and melty cheese.

Incredibly stunning new restaurant in Central Jersey

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