Here at Cat Country 107.3 we're always striving to be the best radio station we can be.

If you have about 90 seconds, maybe you can help us out.

We know that the Cat Country Morning Trivia Contest (at 7:35am) is one of the most popular features on our radio station. Our ratings show that - and you tell us that!

We want to know if we can make it better.

One thing we've noticed is that more than 50% of the prizes we give away are never picked up, or never used. Is the prize important to you? Do you listen for the prize, or do you listen for the challenge? Would you still call in and try to guess, even if there was no prize offered? Maybe you're calling just to win and be recognized as being a trivia champ?

Please check out the poll and let us know. As always, we thank you for your input. If you have further comments, please email me at

Thank you!

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