Pennsylvanians hates New Jersey the most. New Yorkers hate New Jersey the most. Who do we hate the most?

A guy named Matt Shirley conducted a poll on Instagram, asking people nationwide about what state they hate the most.

Some of the findings were pretty predictable. Probably mostly because of their long-standing college football rivalry, Michigan hates Ohio and Ohio hates Michigan.

A number of findings are regionally based. In several western states, residents hate California. Californians, meanwhile, seem to hate Texas. Alaska hates Texas, too, although I'm not clear why.

Some states don't seem to hate anyone. Hawaii, for instance. I guess that might be because of the "hang loose" attitude. Virginia and South Dakota seem OK with everyone too - although North Dakota hate South Dakota, and Maryland hates Virginia.

So, we do we New Jerseyans hate? Hang on. Here it comes.

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We, apparently hate ALL STATES! We hate everyone! Well, I can see that, can't you?

Here's a good one: the people of Florida hate.... the people of Florida. I can understand that too - I've seen the way they drive.

You can check out the findings right here.

Here's one more item from Matt Shirley. One word that describes the people of each state. For New Jersey, it's "Aggressive." Yeah, I can see that!




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