It really doesn't matter how many days you personally have been quarantining. Truth be told, even if you didn't start until the state mandate, you're at least on either day three or four.

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With that being said, chances are, boredom has completely taken over at the point. Boredom combined with a heightened state of anxiety is never a good mix. A survey by Borrowell, a financial tech company, yielded results that show 74% of people are stressed because of the coronavirus. Furthermore, almost half of people are nervous about how they're going to pay for rent and groceries. What's scary is about 30% of people don't know what they're going to do if they run out of money.

That feeling of anxiety combined with chronic boredom due to being trapped in the house has resulted in a huge increase in the frequency at which people snack. It's super easy to shake the nervous jitters and quiet the mind for a while with a snack in hand. More snacking, obviously means more weight gain.

The solution? An article published by the Daily Mail says that the key to curbing your snacking habit is to manage your boredom. Stay active even if it means just climbing the steps. Be mindful of the food your choosing. If you want a snack, prepare something in a bowl, like a handful of baby carrots and some light salad dressing. Mindful snacking should translate to less snacking.

The key to managing your weight during the quarantine is in identifying the triggers that cause you to emotionally eat. Make sure you're keeping your mind engaged, that should curb the weight gain.

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