Atlantic City gets a bad reputation, but those of us that live and work here know what a great and special place it is!

However, some contributors on Urban Dictionary, don't necessarily mimic my sentiments!

For those who don't know, Urban Dictionary is a crowd-sourced online dictionary that is used mostly for slang.

Here are some of the highlights from Urban Dictionary's definition of Atlantic City.


"An urban community located along the southern Jersey Shore in Atlantic County, New Jersey. It is most famous for being the home of the Miss America contest, as well as many large casino-hotels. Sometimes referred to as America's Playground."

"Think of East Coast Las Vegas, but as glam and glitz, but still have casinos, hotels, prizefights, and the oh so sexy miss America pageant. "

"A city in South Jersey with unique culture and diversity, grade A tattoo shops, the best hoagies in the world, and streets lined with Cash for Gold signs. People from New York and Pennsylvania often travel there to throw their money away in the numerous casinos along the boardwalk and turn their noses up at the locals. Most of these visitors actually hate the city and think it's dangerous. Chances are, they haven't been to Camden. "

"Home of the Monopoly Board Game"

"A poor man's Las Vegas, with a beach and boardwalk."

Ouch.  At least the first one was somewhat positive.

My Urban Dictionary definition for Atlantic City would be:

"The little engine that could, a diamond in the rough and home to the greatest country radio station on the planet - Cat Country 107.3!"

What do you think?  What would your definition of Atlantic City be?  What do you love about AC?

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