I have fallen down the Urban Dictionary rabbit hole a few too many times. I have learned words and phrases I wish I hadn't. What does Urban Dictionary have to say about South Jersey? More specifically, what does Urban Dictionary have to say about things in South Jersey. The answers will give you a chuckle.

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    New Jersey

    Mike Sullivan: "The small country [that's] a state. We have everything the rest of the country has. Think about it."

    Vivalachelsea: "[E]ast coast state, discriminated against by those who have been only as far as the outskirts of [New York City]. [W]hile [New Jersey] has its fair share of cities, grime, and crime, a large portion consists of expansive suburbs, beautiful land, and farms..."

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    South Jersey

    Piggyears22: "South Jersey, one of the best places on Earth. The home of Atlantic City, the country's playground. We love Wawa, and if you don't know what the heck a Wawa is, then sure as heck don't live here..."

    Mikedog12: "...South Jersey residents know for a fact that none of them NONE OF THEM are anything, ANYTHING like any cast member from the Jersey Shore."

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    Pork Roll

    Basileus: "Staple food of the small, impoverished Italian colony known as New Jersey."

    Ian Zapcic: "n: a pork meat found almost [elusively] in New Jersey.... It is also referred to as Taylor Ham, but this is a misnomer because Taylor Ham is a brand name of pork roll, which is the product."

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    Garden State Parkway

    dts: "Its just known as "The Parkway". People who've driven here know that 65 mph really means 80. When someone cuts you off, give them the horn AND the finger. Its okay. They're supposed to be used to it..."

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    Atlantic City Expressway

    Crystalwalrein: "A toll road (unsigned New Jersey Route 446) connecting Atlantic City, New Jersey with the Philadelphia outskirts, stopping just beyond Williamstown. While it has decent traffic capacity, the signage makes you want to tear your hair out..."

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    Schwany69: "Jesus reincarnated into a convenience store. A place where dreams come true. Genesis 1: 27 And on the 8th day, God created Wawa, in order to bless his children in the Greater Philadelphia Area for their superiority and might."

    Helene: "The greatest convenience store on earth."

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