Tis the season for all things sweet!

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We say that about Halloween, yes, but the sweets are even more prevalent during the holidays, wouldn't you say? Every year, there seems to be a new trend to pop up that everyone has to try their hand at recreating. This year, it's no doubt the hot chocolate bomb.

You can't scroll through social media without seeing a reference to them. If you spend at least a sliver of your day on either Instagram or Tiktok, then you've definitely seen them in your feed once or twice. Still have no idea what I'm talking about?

To make a long story short, they're these hollowed out chocolate balls filled with hot chocolate mix inside that break apart when you pour hot water or milk on top. When they do split to release the hot chocolate into your glass, it almost looks like a bath bomb, hence the name. People are getting creative with the chocolate molds (the "bombs") that hold the hot chocolate mix now, too. You can find nutcracker hot chocolate bombs, heart shaped hot chocolate bombs, even Mickey Mouse shaped bombs.

Those who don't have an interest in making them on their own still want to get a piece of this chocolate bomb action. You can buy giftsets that include a bomb or two from multiple Etsy accounts online. Honestly, like I previously mentioned, all you have to do is scroll through Tiktok for a few minutes until you stumble across someone who's posted a tutorial or ad you're able to click on to get your hands on one.

If you're interested in making your own, check out this simple tutorial below:


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