Tis the season for giving, is it not?

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It is for many South Jersey businesses who are making sure to give back to their communities this holiday season. This would definitely be the year to do it since so many families in our neighborhoods have lost so much. So have small businesses, to be sure, so it's nice to hear that in spite of times being tough, some holiday cheer in the form of good deeds for others is being spread throughout the region.

The Egg Harbor Township Police Department have taken to their Facebook page to congratulate two South Jersey local first responders on receiving a free roof from a local roofing company. Newfield resident Evelyn Scarborough (who goes by Julie) and John Webb of Scullville have been selected out of a hefty number of applicants for a brand new roof. Julie (Evelyn) was an EMT and was nominated by her sister who says she's everyone's go-to person. Julie's sister says that Julie doesn't have it in her to not help someone she knows needs it. It's for that reason that she was a selected as one of the recipients.

The second winner, John Webb, is reportedly a volunteer firefighter for the Scullville Volunteer Fire Company. He's heavily involved in firemen's charities in the area all while helping his family as his wife battled cancer. She's now disabled as a result, so everything falls on John. His dedication to family was noted by his son-in-law who sent in the nomination.

The Egg Harbor Township PD went along for the ride with the roofing company to deliver the news to the winners. You can read the full story below:

Congratulations to John and Julie both! Thank you for what you do for your South Jersey communities!

Source: Facebook

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