So, to say my first week of work was eventful is a definitive understatement. It had nothing to do with work itself, but what happened to me personally outside of work instantly brought the image of a yin yang to my mind.

"Well, Jahna, what happened?" I’m glad you asked.

First of all, I got pulled over. WHO GETS PULLED OVER THEIR FIRST WEEK OF WORK? This gal. I, apparently, had a brake light out, so as I was about to get on the Atlantic City Expressway, I see blaring lights in my rear-view mirror. Spoiler Alert: I got a ticket and it made me late. #RUDE.

Next, my computer battery died. Let me clarify, the battery itself went kaput. I couldn't even charge it. So, naturally, I made my way to the electronic store. This one's a two-for. The bonus? The store happened to be out of the specific battery I need for my laptop’s model. Brilliant.

Then, more car problems! My oil light went on, so I had to schedule an oil change ASAP. I know it sounds like that’s something within my control, but I actually had about 300 miles left before I was due, so I didn’t anticipate having to address that issue until next week sometime.

Finally, I lost my voice for a day! Yup, you read that correctly. I lost my voice my first week of work. I have to talk for a living! It’s impossible to comprehend how nervous I was for the latter half of my work week. Cue the diaphragm support!

I have to admit, however, after all of that, I ended up having an amazing first week in the office here at Cat Country. More to come on that...

Now, I HAVE to know….

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