While Eagles fans may have had their season end sooner than they had hoped, one Eagles fan is keeping the love alive. If you've got all eyes on you, how would you make the moment count? For one contestant on The Price Is Right, that meant showing his love for the Birds.

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Brian was a contestant on the popular daytime game show earlier this week. When it came to his chance to spin the wheel, Brian used it as the perfect opportunity to shout, "Let's go Eagles," while lifting up his t-shirt to expose his Eagles shirt. This was met with a chuckle from host Drew Carey and him saying, "I mean, what the heck."

CBS Philly shared the video on YouTube later that day.

CBS did not state when the episode was filmed, it was most likely filmed during the season. However, Brian was met with good fortune when he went home with almost $40,000 worth of prizes. It's probably because he's an Eagles fan.

Source: CBS Philly

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