We've all heard of the story of Robin of Loxley, aka Robin Hood, who spent his days in Sherwood Forest with his merry men. They robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, or so the stories go. While you may heard of Robin Hood in England, it may come as a surprise that there was a Robin Hood of South Jersey.

Joe Mullier, also known as the Robin Hood of the Pine Barrens, spent 2 years in the late 1700s tearing his way through the pine barrens. However, things did not end well for this local Robin Hood.

Back in 1779 Mulliner fled from this home to avoid being arrested. Mulliner was a Tory. Being a Tory in 1779 was not something you wanted people to know. A Tory was a colonist who supported the British, which of course post-Revolutionary War lead to some issues.

After Mulliner left his home, he spent 2 years wreaking chaos in the pines. He kidnapped, held up stagecoaches, and burned down farmhouses. Why was he called Robin Hood? He didn't steal from the rich to give to the poor. However, he did place most of his focus on the rich and spared the poor.

According to WeirdNJ.com he was captured in Indian Cabin Hill Inn in Nesco. On August 18, 1781 he was convicted of treason and hanged. His body was brought back to his wife in Sweetwater, where he is currently buried today. The exact location of his grave is still not known for certain. A new grave marker can be found along the Mullica river, however it is widely agreed that it does not mark Mulliner's real resting place.

Source: WeirdNJ.com

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