Have you seen the Jersey Devil?

The mythical creature is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, although there have been reported sighting from pretty much throughout the state.

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There's an interesting look at the legend of the Jersey Devil on - of all places - an Atlantic County Government website. The website notes that the legend of the Jersey Devil has been around for over 250 years!

The Jersey Devil has stories that tie it to many locations, but perhaps the most famous story has to do with Leeds Point:

"On a stormy night in 1735, a Quaker woman gave birth to a child during a thunderstorm. The room flickered with candlelight. The wind howled. Some believed her to be a sorceress. The impoverished woman, known as Mother Leeds, was believed to have many other children – as many as twelve. Some say the child was born deformed. Some say she cursed the child because of her dire straits. Other accounts say the child was born normal and took on odd characteristics later, characteristics such as an elongated body, winged shoulders, a large horse-like head, cloven feet and a thick tail. According to legend, the child was confined until it made its escape either out the cellar door or up the chimney. The Jersey Devil had been born"

The YouTube Channel "Most Amazing Top 10" takes a look at the most famous of all Jersey Devil sightings:

Have you seen the Jersey Devil? Let us know in the comments below - we're love tgo hear your story!

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