Last night 'The Voice' held some more blind auditions.  There were some great singers, there were some ok singers.  And there were some great stories...  Those stories aside, please, will someone explain to me what happened last night...    Charlotte Sometimes has a heartbreaking story, but that doesn't mean that she can sing well.  And last I heard 'The Voice' is a singing competition.  All four judges turned and fought for Charlotte Sometimes.  Watch her clip below -

WTH?  My husband said, "why is she singing like Count Dracula?"  Every judge turned their chair around.  Are they crazy?  She wasn't the worst, but she wasn't great.  Not by a long shot.  She won't make it far in this competition.  Especially with the performance that came later in the evening...

Watch Jamie Lono's version of "Folsom Prison Blues" here -

He deserved to have each judge turn their chairs.  Not Charlotte.  Obviously, this is my opinion, I'm sure a lot of people loved Charlotte.  Just not me.

What do you think?

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