Atlantic City is my home and I love it!

(OK, technically, I live just outside of Atlantic City, but you know what I mean.)

There are a lot of things to do and see. There are world-class casinos and hotels, of course, but so much more too!

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Incredible restaurants, some run by celebrity chefs, are everywhere in the city - inside casinos and stand-alone spots.

There's a beautiful beach and a world-famous boardwalk. (Hey, fall is a great time to check out and work on the boardwalk - not too hot and not too cold.)

There are spots in Atlantic City that come alive that aren't even on the "beaten path." When was the last time you were in the Gardner's Basin/Back Bay area of the city?

Anyway, I promised you the worst video of Atlantic City to ever hit the internet.

Here it is... I think you'll agree:

Thank you, YouTube, for making it possible for us to relive moments like this! It's a whole minute of a camera (well, a phone) focused on someone else's phone while someone is scrolling through the phone and seagulls are flying by.

This is the stuff of greatness, right? Shouldn't the producer here get some sort of award? An Emmy? A Grammy? An Oscar? LOL.

One more before we go. This is also populating the internet, with a  nod to our Atlantic City:

Let's go Granny! Atlantic City Awaits!

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