If you've watched or read the news over the past couple days, you know people are now starting to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

You've probably seen pictures or videos of people sitting up on a stage, surrounded by important people being administered the vaccine in front of news cameras and photographers for the world to see.

It is certainly a monumental event in history especially given what we all have been going through for the past nine or ten months.

But simply put, there's no way I would get the vaccine first.

Not because of any political beliefs, nor due to any concerns that I have about the speed in which the vaccines were developed -- I wouldn't be one of the first to get it simply because I would have to do something stupid on camera as I was getting the shot.

And, yes, I'm adding some levity to a very serious topic. Allow me to be me for a moment.

I'm "that person" that even if I had the very unique opportunity to receive one of the first shots -- something the entire planet has been waiting for -- I would have to do or say something stupid.

We've seen brave front-line workers getting vaccinated on TV along with senior citizens. They all bravely sit there and receive the injection and smile behind the mask they are wearing.

That would not be me.

I would have to make some stupid comment or even worse, I'd over exaggerate the pain I felt with the needle or scream or something. Or I would pretend I was starting to grow a third arm. Or I would make some overly sarcastic remark that would anger everyone (I believe sarcasm is an art form that few people truly understand -- but that's another topic for another day). And then I would be mocked and ridiculed across the planet with memes on Facebook.

That's just who I am.

So, for the sake of humanity, I was not one of the first people to receive the vaccination.

That's also probably the reason why I'm not in charge of anything important here at the radio station. It's kinda like letting your young child play with a ring of keys and those keys don't actually do anything. The kid's happy and you have nothing to worry about. That's me. Here at the station, they let me put up the Christmas lights and put funny pictures up on the TVs -- they don't let me go near the high voltage stuff. And I'm OK with that.

And again, I know this is a very serious topic. We've been through things this year that none of us could have ever imagined. Hopefully, me admitting to being an idiot brought a smile to the face that's behind your mask.

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