Sometimes you stumble upon a golden nugget of information that gets you so excited that you feel like you have to tell every single person you come in contact with throughout the day. Lucky for me, I have a platform I can tell everyone in one fell swoop. Today, I had one of these moments that gave me a physical rush of excitement. I wish I was hyperbolizing a bit, but sadly things like this really do get me excited. It doesn't take much.

Today I found out New Jersey's greatest achievement, this is by far the best thing New Jersey has given to the world. Bubble Wrap. Yes my friends, Bubble Wrap was invented in New Jersey. The amount of joy this little factoid has given me is unmatched by any fact I have learned throughout my life.

According to, "In 1957, Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes set out to create a new wall covering by laminating two plastic sheets with air bubbles in between." Clearly this didn't take off. I wish it did, imagine the sheer pleasure of a room covered in Bubble Wrap. However, the two inventors came up with a few different ways this new product could be used, "...first as greenhouse insulation and then as the packing material we now know as Bubble Wrap."

There is such a satisfying feeling when you pop a whole sheet of bubble wrap. Each pop is pure bliss. So thank you New Jersey for the best invention ever. Sorry Thomas Edison, your inventions don't cut it.

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