Happy International Beer Day! Let's celebrate with 30 beer fun facts in 1 minute.

My favorite thing about International Beer Day is that the day after is International Hangover Day. Whoever decided that had a great sense of humor.

The first Friday in August is always International Beer Day and the first Saturday in August is always International Hangover Day. Again, let me pause to giggle a bit.

In honor of this very special day I decided to do 30 fun facts about beer in less than 1 minute.

Watch 30 Beer Facts in 1 Minute here: (Scroll down for all 30 facts written out)

  1. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass. (I understand completely.)
  2. 8 people died in a beer flood in 1814 in London.
  3. The first beer can was made in Newark, New Jersey in 1935.
  4. North Dakota drinks more beer per person than any other state.
  5. There is no official reason why there is a number 33 on every Rolling Rock can. The company doesn't know either...
  6. During the Prohibition people were prescribed "medical beer".
  7. In Amsterdam alcoholics are paid in beer to clean the streets.
  8. In 2013 Russia (finally) declared that beer was alcohol.
  9. In Argentina political parties have their own beers.
  10. In some countries around the world McDonald's serves beer.
  11. There is a brewery in Germany that has been brewing beer since 1040.
  12. A brewery in Austria has swimming pools of beer. (Yes, that was plural.)
  13. Beer cans in Japan have braille on them so that blind people can tell the difference between a can of soda and a can of beer.
  14. Fried beer exists and won most creative for the 2010 Big Tex Choice Awards at the Texas State Fair.
  15. Slugs like beer and can be used to trap them.
  16. For better quality, store your bottled beer upright.
  17. The longest alleged hangover lasted for 4 weeks after a Scotsman drank 60 pints of beer.
  18. Light causes beer to go bad, hence the dark bottles and cans.
  19. If you rinse your hair in beer it will make it more shiny and bouncy.
  20. You can polish copper with beer.
  21. Laborers who built the Great Pyramids were paid daily with beer.
  22. 0.7% of the world is drunk right now.
  23. Beer can help reduce the chance of kidney stones and help pass them.
  24. Studies have also shown that beer can help keep your bones strong.
  25. The strongest beer in the world has 67.5% alcohol, is from Scotland, and is called Snake Venom.
  26. Organizers for a German heavy metal music festival built a beer pipeline.
  27. The perfect Guinness pour takes exactly 119.5 seconds.
  28. Cleopatra created the first ever beer tax.
  29. The Czech Republic drinks the most beer in the world.
  30. Beer dates back around 12,000 years.

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