1. Atlantic City is home to the very first Boardwalk

The boardwalk started off as a $5K one mile long board in 1870, with no stores allowed to build within 30 feet. The boards would be taken apart and stored away in the winter months, then put back up again in the summer to preserve it.  Today, our AC boards run 4 miles long and is completely abundant in restaurants, stores, stands and more!

2. The term "Salt Taffy" originated here

In the 1800’s, a guy named Joe Fralinger decided that he wanted to make a candy popular for tourists to take home to commemorate their trip in Atlantic City. In which case, he created "salt taffy" and his store still stands tall in the city today!

3. AC holds the first legal casino to operate in the US

Outside of Nevada of course; the first casino in Atlantic City didn't open up until 1978 and went by the name of "Resorts International Hotel". Now, we know and love it to be Resorts Hotel Casino!

4. Boardwalk Hall is home to the World's largest musical instrument

There's apparently a MASSIVE pipe organ that has over 33,000 pipes inside the venue. The pipes have broken records for being the world's loudest musical instrument.

Europe's Largest Wurlitzer Brought Back To Life After Extensive Restoration
Getty Images

5. Home to the Miss America Pageant

The first pageant was held in 1921 as a way to try and entice tourists to stay in the city past Labor Day. However, in 2006 the show temporarily moved to Vegas before it made it's return home back to Atlantic City.

Miss America 2018 - Third Night of Preliminary Competition
Credit: Getty Images

Source: GolfAC

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