Just a few days ago, I posted a story from Atlantic City Weekly that covered the "Tastiest Foods of South Jersey in 2014."  And now, The Press of Atlantic City has put together their list of the "Top Ten Burgers in Atlantic City!"  Y'all know that I love food, so it should be no surprise that I'm pumped about this list...

And, for whatever reason, I have been really into burgers lately.  I've never been a big burger person, not that I don't like them, just that I would usually order a steak before I ordered a burger at a restaurant.

Well, times have changed my friends.

A burger is the first thing I look for on a menu these days!

The Press lists 10 of their favorite burgers in Atlantic City and an honorable mention.  The prices range from $43 (yes, for a burger, but totally worth it) to $8.  And (GASP!!!) I've only had two of these burgers!  I need to start getting out more!

Here is the Press of Atlantic City's Top Ten Best Burgers in Atlantic City -The comments in italics are my own... 

10. 20-Oz. Kobe Beef Burger at Old Homestead Steakhouse at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa ($43) - I have always wanted to go to Old Homestead, maybe this is my excuse!

9. Grilled Prime Burger at Wolfgang Puck American Grille at Borgata ($18) - I have been to Wolfganag Puck's spot in the Borgata a hundred times, I love it, but I've never ordered the burger.  What's wrong with me?

8. Bacon Mac ’N Cheese Burger at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse ($18) - I haven't made it to Guy Fieri's new spot yet.

7. Fatburger at Borgata ($8 for 8-ounce large) - Again, I've been to the Borgata so many times, but I've never eaten a burger at the casino!  I suppose I need to change that considering 3 of the top burgers lie beneath their walls...

6. Madison Square Garden Burger at Broadway Burger Bar at Tropicana Casino and Resort ($15) - I've been to Broadway Burger Bar a handful of time, their Bavarian Baked Pretzel is amazing, but I never ordered the burger because...... well, I have no idea. 

5. Vagabond Viking Burger at Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House ($10.99) - Man, I suck at this list!  I've had food from Vagabond, but never the burger...  And I call myself a burger fan.... 

4. Little Monster Burger at Sammy D’s Restaurant & Bar at Harrah’s Resort ($8) - The lollipop wings are my go to at Sammy D's....  Next time I will order the burger, geez. 

3. Flat Iron Burger at The Iron Room ($15) - I keep hearing a lot about The Iron Room, I never even heard of the place before a few weeks ago, I will make it a priority to get there before the summer.... 

2. Classic Double at Wingcraft ($10.99) - Finally a burger I've tasted!  (It also happens to be my picture above)  And I can attest to the greatness of this burger.  They use a toasted Formica brioche bun and a custom blend of chopped meat from Pat LaFrieda.  If you don't know anything about Pat LaFrieda and you're a carnivore, you're a missing a key piece to a happy life.  

1.The Bozzi Burger at The Palm ($18.50) - This burger is on a secret menu at The Palm - no wonder I've never ordered it!  At least that will be my excuse!  But, if the Press lists this burger as #1, then I need to get to the Tropicana and order one ASAP!

Honorable Mention: BBQ-Bacon Burger at Bill’s Bar & Burger at Harrah’s Resort ($11.50) - The second burger on the top ten list that I've sampled.  Bill's Bar & Burger also use a custom blend of Pat LaFrieda chopped meat for their burgers, (see Wingcraft, above...) so I'm a big fan.  

I'd say that the Press came up with a fantastic list and one that I aspire to tackle.  Thank you, I accept this challenge!

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