Two New Jersey towns set out to provide free rides for people who had been drinking.  They set out to save lives.  And they did.  And DUI arrests went down by 50%.

It's a brilliant plan!

The free Uber and BeMyDD rides were paid for by donations to the Evesham Saving Lives Foundation.

Here's how it worked...  If you were drinking at an establishment in Evesham Township, you could call (from an app) for a ride home.  Free of charge.  Neighboring Voorhees also got in on the deal.  So, if you needed to be taken home to Voorhees from Evesham, they would do it free of charge.

After a year, DUI arrests are down by 50%, according to,

The number of residents arrested for drunk driving has decreased 50 percent, Evesham said in a statement on its Facebook page. There was also a 15 percent decrease in all drunk driving arrests and a 16 percent decrease in alcohol-related car accidents.
The Evesham Saving Lives program provided over 2,000 rides home for residents of Evesham and Voorhees, its partner in the program.

That's local government working at its best!


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