It was a couple short weeks ago that the remnants of the building that was the Trump Plaza was imploded.

Many watched in person or online and cheered as the once-mighty casino was brought down in a matter of seconds.

There goes another building!

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The Trump Plaza was so much more to so many people.

Sure, people gathered and partied and gambled and had fun there.

The Trump Plaza also held a special place in the hearts of so many people who worked there.

It was the original home of Donald Trump's casino's empire. So many met and worked with Trump in this location.

The Philadelphia Inquirer did a great job in this video telling the story of Trump Plaza from a local's point of video.

So many people spent their working lives at the Plaza. Many families had several family members who worked at the Plaza.

The implosion hit so many people emotionally, because of their longtime connection to the building.


What a great look at how Trump Plaza meant to people of Atlantic City!

The Trump Plaza is gone, but the memories will last a lifetime for so many.

The Trump Plaza was the home to boxing matches, concerts, and more over it's history. It played host to singers, celebrities, famous athletes, and so much more. It was a home though, for so many thousands or people who worked there. Many forged relationships that will last far longer than the building itself did.

Atlantic City is changing. Hopefully, it's changing for the good.

SOURCE: YouTube - Philadelphia Inquirer

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