It's no secret that certain South Jersey communities have been more severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic than others. There's good news to follow that up with, however. Monday is the official launch of the recently announced government funded program to help out communities locally stricken super hard by the coronavirus.

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It was announced last week that certain areas in the state will receive government money to help launch local vaccine sites within specific communities heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. announced that Vineland will be one of the ten municipalities to get a vaccine site exclusive to Vineland residents only. The reason for Vineland's exclusivity? Murphy claims that Vineland has been impacted worse by the pandemic than other surrounding areas.

Residents will soon be able to schedule appointments for their vaccines at the site, however we don't know the specific date or location yet. Murphy didn't reveal any of that information. The only other bits of information known for sure at this time are the hours and life-span of the site. Apparently, Governor Murphy intends for the Vineland site to be open continuously for two weeks straight; seven days a week for both weeks.

Hopefully, the exclusivity factor will result in the vaccine getting distributed to the at-risk residents who need it most. That's the goal, at least. The announcement came on Friday, February 12th with the first site (not in Vineland) launching Monday, February 12th. Therefore, it's safe to say the other 9 sites (Vineland included) should be opening up in the not-too-distant future.

You can read more about the community-exclusive Vineland vaccination site HERE.


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