You've heard about it. You've read about it. Perhaps you are one of many who've commented about it.

We're talking about the fabulous wedding of the daughter of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

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Word of the wedding began to spread when the Governor raised the limit on outside gatherings:


  Then, there was more wedding talk after the governor gave his "mask mandate" this week:




Well, it seems that any wedding talk....might just be that - talk. No one knows where the rumors came from - and whether or not they are the least bit true. It seems there will not be a New Jersey First Daughter Wedding - at least not at the place that's rumored to be hosting it:  


Meanwhile, either the Murphy family is doing a great job hiding details of the big event from the public - or there really is no big event in the very near future. A hoax? Possibly.... WAIT! Does Murphy even have a daughter? Yes, he does. Her name is Emma, which is short for Emmanuelle Medway Murphy, according to Google. So... in the end, it might be hard to crash a wedding that's not even happening.

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