The Wawa data breach will be a costly one for the retail convenience store giant as the company will pay out up to $9 million dollars in Wawa gift cards and cash to customers who had their data breached.

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6 ABC reports that if you had any personal information exposed in the data breach which occurred between March 4th and December 12th, 2019 you'll have until November 29th to show proof you lost money and file a claim online. Credit and debit card numbers and names were exposed during the breach.

All customers who reside in the United States and who used a credit card or debit card at a Wawa convenience store or fuel pump during the data breach incident between March 4th and December 12th, 2019 may be eligible if you can show proof.

You might be eligible for a $5 Wawa gift card if you made a credit or debit card purchase at Wawa during the data breach and did not suffer attempted fraud on your card and spent some time monitoring your account.

The gift card amount increases to $15 if you can show proof of an attempted or fraudulent charge on your card and you may be eligible for a $500 cash reimbursement if you have proof that you lost money or you spent out of pocket money in connection with any actual or attempted fraudulent charge.

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