Animals are marvelous creatures, aren't they?

Most of them are born already knowing how to walk. Also, their instincts are so highly developed that some are probably more qualified to raise human babies than even we are. Their instincts are super strong when they're sick or injured. That's especially true with dogs.

How many videos have you watched on Facebook or Instagram that feature a dog knowing something is wrong with someone or with their own selves before their human even realized it? They're, truly, amazing beings and we, humans, don't deserve them.

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One dog took the whole survival instinct thing to the next level when she took it upon herself to seek refuge inside a family's home in Philly. The family's surveillance cameras picked up the entire thing. The dog can be seen limping down the street, taking note that their door was open after a storm's wind caused it to swing wide open, and letting herself right on in.

Luckily for the family, the dog wasn't the only one to walk past their house in the middle of the night. A good Samaritan noticed that the door was open and walked up onto the porch to close it for them. Little did he know, he trapped a little fur baby inside.

Good thing the dog couldn't go anywhere after that; the poor little girl was in really bad shape.

The video proves, however, that she chose the right family. The dog went from sick, injured, and malnourished, to having a brand new family in a matter of days.

When the family took the dog to the vet, they discovered that she had no chip, so they could either keep her or surrender her to the shelter. Luckily for her, they chose the former, and now she's got a place to call home for the rest of her days.


This lucky little gal chose wisely, didn't she?

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