Think back to your last Walmart trip. What did you buy?

Maybe you grabbed some household cleaners, maybe some shampoo, perhaps you got a pair of sneakers, or some cereal. Walmart sells almost everything and anything.

Business Insider recently posted an article with the number one item people are buying at Walmart by state.

Walmart analyzed their own data to find these results.

New Jersey's number one item that people buy at Walmart...dumbbells.

I am just as confused as you are. I know fitness is important and a lot of people work out, but out of everything they sell at Walmart this is number one?

Overall for the company the popular items include microwaves, vacuums, mulch, and Mainstays pillows.

Let's go back to New Jersey though, seriously? New Jersey out of everything that can be bought at Walmart we buy dumbbells?

I guess it makes sense with Jersey Shore G.T.L., gym, laundry, tanning. (Shout out to our Digital Media Editor Ashley for making the correlation.)

Some of the other states had some shocking items too.

Texas buys wedding invitations, South Dakota buys lemon cake, Nevada buys canned pumpkin, and Tennessee buys traffic safety cones. I really want to know what people are doing with all of those cones.

I guess these can't be that shocking to me, my brother and I bought fish one time at Walmart around midnight. I'm not talking about some tiny goldfish and a bowl. We bought a wide variety of fish, tanks, lights, and tank accessories. Walmart is such a fun place to buy the most random things you don't need.

Choose one, Walmart or Target?

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