If you're heading to the Wildwood Beach on Monday for the Tim McGraw concert, you might want to check out the rules.

These are taken from the concert's website. 

It's recommended that you leave chairs at home. The only chair allowed will be in Zone 2 - and those chairs must be the low-back sand chairs.

There is bleached seating available. It will be in the back of Zone 2. It is accessible to all zones.

Beach Umbrellas will only be allowed in Zone 2. All umbrellas must be taken down for all performances - and for good beginning at 6pm.

Direct from the website here's the official list:

The following is a list of items that ARE OK & WILL BE ALLOWED into the concert:

  • Backpacks & Bags (soft, standard-sized only - no frames or camping gear please)
  • Towels & Blankets
  • Small Digital Cameras (no equipment attachments such as selfie sticks, tripods, etc) (* see important note below)
  • Sunscreen
  • Strollers & Small Wagons (for families with young ones only please)
  • Small, Low-Back Sand Chairs (only allowed in Zone 2)
  • Sand Umbrellas (Zone 2 only - umbrellas will be asked to be lowered when an artist is performing, when you hear an announcement, or after 6pm)
  • (1) SEAL-UNBROKEN bottle of water up to (1) Gallon in size is allowed

The following is a list of items that you CANNOT bring into the show:

  • * Important Note About Professional Cameras, Audio, and Video Recording *
  • Professional Still & Video Cameras (see recording note above)
  • Professional audio recording devices (see recording note above)
  • NO illegal drugs or substances of any kind.
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Outside Food or Drink (1 SEAL-UNBROKEN bottle of water up to (1) Gallon is allowed - MUST be sealed - all others it will be confiscated)
  • NO Fireworks or Sparklers
  • NO LARGE Chairs
  • NO Coolers, Baskets, and/or Large Bags
  • NO Video Cameras, Audio-Recording Devices, or Professional Cameras. No tripods.
  • NO Weapons of any kind, including any sized knives (Anything considered by security to be a weapon, will be confiscated)
  • NO Flyers, handbills, posters or stickers. (no solicitation is allowed on premise)
  • NO Tents or structures of any kind
  • NO Flags, Totems, large signs, or anything else that might block someone's view
  • NO Animals (with the exception service animals pre-approved by the City of Wildwood)
  • NO Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, or personal motorized vehicles unless an ADA approved device.
  • NO Squirt Guns, Toy Guns, or anything else that resembles a weapon
  • NO Unauthorized or Unlicensed Vending.
  • ALL prescriptions must be in a marked bottle, with corresponding ID.
** No items will be returned if on the "not acceptable" list above and are confiscated. Security has the discretion of not permitting any questionable items.
Please note that there is no re-entry once you leave the concert area.
Again, for more information, click here.

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